Sunday Services

Title Time Location Description
Sung Communion 900 St. George's, West End

This is a communion service with parts of the service sung in contemporary language. It lasts for an hour. There are 3 hymns and a sermon lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. Coffee, biscuits or cake are served after the service, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly especially given the comparitively small size of the church. There are worship bags available for the children who are welcome and remain in the service. 

Parish Communion 1030 Christ Church, Esher

On the first Sunday of the month. This is a 40 minute all age, non-eucharistic service in contemporary language. A mix of both modern and traditional hymns is used, and the talk contains an interactive component which seeks to address all ages. There is no children and young people provision external to the service, since all ages worship together. 

On the other Sundays of the month. This is the parish communion service in contemporary language and lasts for about 70 minutes. There are 4, typically, traditional hymns led by a robed choir, with an address lasting around 10 minutes.  The choir often sing an anthem during communion.  Children and young people are welcome, and go off to their respective Sunday teaching groups after the gathering prayer and return for communion before the end of the service.