Noah's Ark


This is the name for our Sunday children and young people groups, which meet during school term time only.

How does it work?

  1. We all start our worship together.
  2. After the Collect (gathering prayer, i.e., first 5 minutes or so of worship) and before the first bible reading the leader of the service will invite the children and young people to go to their groups via the Leopold room at the back of the church. A register of the children is taken for fire safety purposes. 
  3. Which group is my child in? Creche < 3.5 yrs; Monkeys 2.5 - 3.5 yrs; Chimps 3.5 - end of Yr R; Bears Yr 1 - Yr 2; Elephants Yr 3+
  4. We encourage all parents, especially of older children, to be part of the service in the church. Someone will come and get you if your child needs you. 
  5. What happens in the groups vary, but typically a bible story will be shared and an activity undertaken afterwards.
  6. The children remain in their groups for around 40 minuteds, and then return to the church to receive a blessing or communion with their families and friends.
  7. Noah's Ark runs every Sunday, except for the first Sunday of the month where there is a 40 minute non-eucharistic all age service. 
  8. For further information, please contact Alison Mohamed (Tel: 07979206042) or Helen Vernon (Tel: 07595755994).