Covid Regulations after 19 July – A Message from the Rector

My dear friends,

As you know, the Government has announced the lifting of most Covid-19 related legal restrictions from Monday 19 July. This is a move which will be both a relief and a cause of anxiety. In particular, many of those who are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ or not in the best of health will be apprehensive about these changes, as will their loved ones.

As a Christian community we are called to show solidarity with each other and to be mindful of those in need of special care and protection. For that reason, the PCC and I – together with our Safeguarding Officers – have decided to maintain most of the Covid-related precautions at the Sunday morning services. This will be reviewed at the end of August and in the light of any Church of England guidance issued in the meantime (at the time of writing we are still awaiting that guidance).

Here’s a summary of how we will go forward. 

First, those things that will remain the same from Sunday 25 July:

  • We ask, please, that you continue to wear a face covering when attending Sunday services (unless you are exempt), bearing in mind that masks primarily provide protection to others.
  • Every other pew will continue to be closed. However, with the anticipated ending of ‘bubbles’ if you would like to sit with friends in the same pew then please do.
  • We will continue to keep a list of those in attendance. Please be assured that this information is held securely.
  • Communion will continue to be in one kind only (consecrated bread) with the priest sanitising their hands and wearing a face covering for distribution, which will be in silence.
  • We ask, please, that you use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter the church, and before receiving communion, and as you leave the church.
  • We will maintain our online offertory ( and retiring collection. Please give as you are able.

And those things that will change from Sunday 25 July:

  • Congregational singing will be permitted behind face coverings.
  • Refreshments will be served after the 10.30 service in Christ Church. This will be outside, weather permitting.

Similar changes will be in place for the fortnightly services at St George’s West End. Please contact the Parish Office for details.

I’m acutely aware that we’ve been through a most extraordinary eighteen months and that many people have suffered greatly in that time. I am also very conscious of the extra burdens borne by our amazing Parish staff and volunteers. Our strong sense of mutual support and care has brought us through these difficult days and I pray that we will continue to be a Christian community striving to grow – by the grace of God – in faith, hope and love.

God bless,